About Us

 Tamara D. Gartner, RSW, Registered Psychologist

I believe that each person has the inherent ability to create change within themselves. It takes courage to step forth and request support, which leads to strength and a desire to create new ways of being. Through a meaningful and collaborative therapeutic relationship, I provide a safe and inclusive space for clients to grow and reach their desired potential. I provide support to individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing challenges and changes within their lives.

My specialization is working with sexual & gender minority (LGBTQ) children, youth, and families. In 2011, I completed an internship with Dr. Warneke at the Gender Clinic at the Grey Nuns Hospital. I have a unique specialization in supporting those who are going through a gender transition or discovering their authentic selves (whether that be sexual orientation or gender identity). I have a direct referring relationship with two prominent Psychiatrists (Dr. Petryk and Dr. Marshall) in Edmonton that specialize in working with gender dysphoria.

I have experience working with the coming out process, coming to terms, identity confusion, gender dysphoria, internalized homophobia, anxiety, depression, bullying/harassment, self-harming, suicidal ideation, family pressures/rejection, stress management, relationship issues, peer relationships, mental health, addictions, and intimate partner violence.

Finally, I have facilitated over 175 professional development workshops pertaining to creating safe and inclusive spaces for sexual and gender (LGBTQ) children, youth, and families. I have also provided workplace consultation and workshops for gender transitions in the workplace.

Michelle R. Gartner-Mall, Registered Psychologist

At times anxiety, depression or trauma may impede an individual's natural ability to cope. I believe when a safe and supportive environment is created, an individual may openly explore their struggles and find healthier ways of coping. I began working in the field of psychology in 2003. I have worked in both a hospital setting and private practice. I have experience working with preschool aged children, school-aged children, adolescents, adults, and families with disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders, and brain injury/stroke. I volunteered in the Edmonton community with children, adolescents, and families affected by sexual violence, bereavement, and mental health.

My specialization includes working with children, adolescents, and adults experiencing grief and loss. I view my role in therapy as guiding my clients through their therapeutic process. I have extensive experience in assessment and consultation for preschool to school-aged children, and adolescents with attention, developmental, behavioural, and emotional difficulties.

I have specialize in supporting sexual and gender minority children, youth, and families. I have experience working with the coming out process, coming to terms, identity confusion, gender dysphoria, parental acceptance, internalized transphobia, bullying/harrassment, family pressures/rejection, stress management, peer relationships, andmental health.

I believe therapy is a journey of self-discovery where each individual has their own unique values and beliefs. I incorporate the use of expressive arts and play modalities in treatment. Whether I am working with a child, adolescent or adult, I strive to provide a safe and inclusive therapeutic space.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”- Dr. Seuss